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Custom Andon Systems and Accesories

Don't see what you are looking for?
We understand. Our standard solutions fit the bill for many.
However, you may have a unique situation. Whether it is your process or your corporate standards that drive the need, we can work with you to design a system to meet your needs.
We can customize the software, the hardware or the database system. Contact us for more information.
Our standard wireless andon system is a 4 light system. However, you may need a single light unit to go in a crane control cab without an audible alert like one of our customers or you might need a 5 light version with our standard audible alert like another customer. Let us know your needs and we will work with you to develop a solution.
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We now offer an FIPS 140-2 certified encrypted version of our wireless system. The system has been tested and is in use within the US Military.
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